Prevention, treatment and care of pulmonary diseases and sleep disorders

Medication Refill

 In order to obtain refills on your medications prescribed by our    pulmonologists, you must be seen at the clinic every 6 months.

When you call for a medication refill, you must provide the following information to avoid delay in processing

1) Patient name and phone number

2) Pharmacy name and phone number

3) Name and strength of medication


Test Results

Please be advised that the test results are available 24 to 48 hours after the test is performed. Note that test procedures and lab results may take longer. If test results are normal, you may not get a telephone call, in this case you may need to call the office to get the results.

Equipment Orders/Medications
  1. Nebulizer Machine
  2. Nebulized Medications

These orders will be placed by the practice to a durable medical equipment company (DME).

Please be advised that due to recent changes with insurance companies and the detailed paperwork that must be forwarded to the DME’s, immediate response is no longer available.   Therefore, time frames are estimates for equipment/medications:

Nebulizer Machine (7-14 days)                      Nebulized Medications    (7-14 days)

Home Oxygen Orders
  1. Upon receipt of ALL paperwork, the Respiratory Therapist will forward it to a Durable Medical equipment Company (DME).
  2. Based on patient’s insurance coverage will determine where order is sent.
  3. DME will then process the order. The time frame for oxygen delivery “usually” is within 5-7 days and for Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)  is 4-10 weeks(NOTE– Not all Insurance covers POC)
  4. DME will then contact patient to have oxygen delivered. Training will be done to ensure patient is aware of how to use machine (home concentrator/tanks/conserving device) properly. Please make sure any additional family members are aware/available also.


When your oxygen is delivered, please write down the following information to assist you with any   issues.

Durable Medical Equipment Company _________________________________________________

Phone # ________________________________________________

Pulmonary Rehab Approval Process
  1. Rx order will be provided from doctor at office visit and forwarded to Resp. Therapist
  2. RX and necessary paperwork will then be completed and forwarded to Pulmonary Rehab facility.
  3. Pulmonary Rehab facility will then contact the patient directly to schedule an appointment. Dr’s office does not schedule appointments for patient to go to Rehab.
Equipment Delivery

The Durable Medical Equipment Company will contact the patient directly to schedule “set-up/delivery” times with the patient directly. Patient must speak with the DME about delivery/setup.  If patient does not speak to them, equipment and/or medications will not be delivered.

(PLEASE make sure that we have all appropriate phone numbers to provide to the DME to make sure the set-up/delivery easier for all.)  Any issues receiving and length of time questions must be directed to the DME.



  1. Any problems/issues with oxygen concentrator/tanks must be addressed directly with DME.
  2. Should you require changes with your oxygen, please contact the office.  You must allow at least 48 hours for the order to be processed, if applicable.
  3. Per insurance requirements, it is the patient’s responsibility to be recertified on a yearly basis. DME will forward a letter to patient indicating time frame and patient must then follow up with the doctor’s office for both a 6 minute walk and follow up appointment with the doctor. If not done, patient will then be charged for the oxygen directly (insurance will not cover).
  4. Should you require oxygen supplies, please contact our office OR you may have the DME send a prescription/order for supplies. You must allow at least 48 hours for the order to be processed.

   NOTE: We do not carry oxygen supplies at our office


Home Ventilator Order

Physician will provide order to the respiratory therapist. Once order is received, it will be sent to DME (durable medical equipment company) for processing. Upon insurance approval, patient will be contacted by the dme to set up in the patient’s home. 

Processing time: 2 weeks depending on patient’s insurance

Vest Therapy Order

Physician will provide order to respiratory therapist. Once, it is received, order will be sent to dme (durable medical company) for processing. Once the dme gets insurance approval, they will contact the patient to set it up in his home.

Processing Time: 2-4 weeks depending on patient’s insurance

Assembly of Nebulized Medication(s):

Upon assembly of nebulizer set up, attach plastic tubing to nebulizer machine. When ready to add nebulized medications, please squeeze vial(s) into the top of the handheld nebulizer machine set up (it is much easier this way and constant turning of the top of the nebulizer set up will cause it to breakdown and crack). Place top back on (which consists of mouthpiece) and turn on the machine. Relax and take a deep breath.