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  How to join your first Video call

   It’s simple!

  1. You will receive a text from an 882-86 short phone number inviting you to a video call
  2. You will then see a secure message with a link to join the video call.
  3. Once clicked, you will be brought into the video call room.
  • Video calls are done without downloading a special app and can work with the Web Browser on your Smartphone or computer 
  • Make sure you have a strong Internet connection; video calls can be joined using WiFi or cellular data. 
  • In order to join a video call you must enable your camera and microphone. 
  • As a patient, you do NOT need any app on your phone to use Video. 

For instructions for video appointments  through Beaumont/Corewell Chart:


Video Appointments at Beaumont Health are completed using myBeaumontChart. Patients can log in on their smartphone (Apple or Android) or through a computer with video capabilities.


A smartphone or tablet is the preferred method of connection, since computers 

may have older web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.), will need a plug-in installed, or may not have up-to-date video capability.

Connecting with a Smartphone or Tablet (Apple or Android)

  • for the best Video Visit experience, use your smartphone or tablet to connect
  • make sure that your operating system is up-to-date (in settings)
  • download the myChart app from the Google or Apple App Store
  • install the app and choose Beaumont Health as your health system
  • log in to your account using your myBeaumontChart ID and Password
  • make sure that other apps on your phone are closed before beginning a Video Visit